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Getting to the ROOT of all that's SAVVY in accessory design, this is the timeless and classic collections of SavvyRoot. SavvyRoot is a compilaton of handmade  and manufactured accessories created and designed in South Louisiana. With a dream and a sewing machine, Celeste Austin has taken her passion and turned it to a brand. She has taught herself production from start to finish, and is forever reaching new heights within the market.


Staying true to her roots, Celeste looks to the simplest of wears and puts a creative twist on them so that each new design is not only innovative, but able to withstand the change in trends! Be sure to check back often, as new designs are added and collections grow. There's no telling what she will put a savvy-spin on next!


Photo by: Kaela Rodehorst


"It is my hope that with my collections, you are able to connect with the simplicity of fashion, see the multifunctionality in traditional pieces, and also begin to collect items that will go a long way in your daily wardrobe routine."


Celeste Austin

Owner | Designer